We believe that your maintenance experience in our Acura service department should be just as luxurious as the cars we sell and the car buying experience that we provide. At Hopkins Acura, we are more than just a luxury car dealership, but we’re one of Redwood City’s best places for auto maintenance, especially when it comes to your brakes.

Acura Brake Service

All of our cars wear down, even when you’re driving something as high-class as the 2020 Acura RDX or Acura NSX. At some point, a part of your car will need replacing, such as your brakes.


The lifespan of any set of brakes can vary, as it all depends on the way you drive and the environment you drive in. If you slam on your brakes a lot, you’ll likely need a replacement sooner than later. Stop and go city traffic and steep mountain roads can also pose an extra strain on your brakes, leading to an early replacement. That said, on average, brakes usually need replacing every 50,000 miles or so.


If your brakes are screeching or making a scraping noise though, it might be time to seek a service expert for a replacement. A stutter or jitter in your brakes can also be signs that you need to purchase a replacement set. Although, the best way to know whether it’s time for a change-up or not is to visit the service department at our Acura dealership.


Hopkins Acura is home to more than just dealers, but maintenance professionals as well. We’ll inspect your brakes, your engine, and everything in between to ensure you continue to enjoy a high-quality ride.