At Hopkins Acura, we don’t just sell brand new cars. We know that the new car smell is great and all, but sometimes buying pre-owned is a good idea. It can allow you to afford more car and get more features for your money, but what if you’re concerned about reliability? We think that we have a solution for you.

Of course, when drivers shop for a pre-owned car they worry. What if the last owner didn’t treat it right? You don’t want to inherit a problem, which is why we offer certified pre-owned Acura models that have been closely examined and risen to meet our highest standards.

This isn’t a typical pre-owned car. A certified pre-owned Acura model has gone through a rigorous inspection by skilled mechanics who know Acura vehicles inside and out. These models are also relatively new, with less than six years or 80,000 miles on the road. That means that your new (to you) car still has a long life ahead of it.

Your certified pre-owned Acura car also comes with a comprehensive new warranty and access to our dependable Roadside Assistance program. In addition, you get all of the documentation you could possibly need for your vehicle. You get the owner’s manual of course, but you’ll also get a complete vehicle history report, a maintenance journal, and a copy of our inspection checklist. These pre-owned models meet our highest standards. They’ll meet yours as well.

If you’re looking for a pre-owned car that you can rely on, visit our Acura dealership near Mountain View. We’ll answer any questions you have about specific models, our certified pre-owned program, or the Acura financing process. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pre-owned luxury car!