Here at Hopkins Acura, we sell cars that offer performance in addition to luxury features. Few cars exemplify the Acura brand’s commitment to performance like the 2019 Acura NSX. This iconic supercar turns thirty this year, and everyone recently celebrated this unique model and took a look back at its history with a big event at the Chicago Auto Show.

The original NS-X Concept was in development for four years and made its official debut in Chicago in February 1989. It was built on the first ever all-aluminum monocoque and it was powered by a potent V6 engine with titanium connecting rods. When Tadashi Kume, the president of the Honda brand at the time, revved the engine, it even attracted attention from a nearby conference room.

A panel at the Chicago Auto Show focused on the history of this incredible vehicle that helped pave the way for the new Acura cars you love. Among the attendees were Jon Ikeda, the Vice President and General Manager of Acura. He began his career with the launch of the original Acura NSX. Csaba Csere, the former editor-in-chief of Car and Driver also was in attendance. He was one of the first journalists to try out the original Acura NSX and the current model.

They discussed the history of this illustrious model and its production process. Another focus was on how the stylish supercar impacted the auto industry as a whole. Of course, the current Acura NSX model’s role in the Acura brand’s renaissance couldn’t be ignored. If you’re passionate about Acura cars, this was one anniversary to get excited about.

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