Here at Hopkins Acura, we don’t just want to sell you a new Acura car and send you on your way. We also want to make it easier to take good care of your vehicle. That’s why we’re also an Acura service center. But what happens if you run into a problem when you’re not near our dealership? It pays to know about how you can fix certain problems with your vehicle, like a flat tire.

A flat tire needs to be changed out right away, so sometimes you can’t wait until you get it to a professional. Not only is it dangerous to drive with a flat, but it also causes expensive damage to the wheel and other parts. Fortunately, changing a tire isn’t all that difficult.

First, you have to find a safe spot. If you’re on the highway, pull over to the shoulder and exit your vehicle carefully. Find your jack, tire iron, and spare tire, often kept in the trunk, and take them out. Loosen the lug nuts on your tire and then jack up the car. Remove the flat tire and install the spare in its place. Then just lower the car and tighten up the lug nuts.

Your job isn’t done though. Once your spare is on your car you shouldn’t drive it around for a long time. The spare, sometimes called a “donut,” is meant to get you from where you get your flat to a qualified mechanic. Fortunately, the expert technicians at our Acura service center will help you find the new tires that you need for your luxury car.

So whether you’re shopping for a new car or need some parts for your current one, visit our Acura dealership near Palo Alto. We look forward to helping you!