Any of our Acura dealers will tell you, having the right drivetrain matters. While your drivetrain isn’t the only factor in terms of performance, the Acura brand vehicles available to you at Hopkins Acura can vary depending on what you want your car to be able to do.

Your engine has multiple systems that utilize a variety of parts to function, and your drivetrain is certainly one of them. The drivetrain includes the driveshaft, the axels, the wheels, and the transmission, and they must all work together to provide power to the wheels. When you visit our dealership to purchase a new or pre-owned Acura vehicle you’ll likely have the choice between a front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all-wheel drive vehicle.

For starters, there’s no correct answer. A front-wheel drivetrain may be cheaper and consume less fuel than a rear-wheel or all-wheel drivetrain, but it’ll never offer the same level of handling and potential for off-roading. A rear-wheel drivetrain makes for some great handling and initial acceleration and is a solid choice for anyone who has a needs speed. Alternatively, the all-wheel drivetrain is a great pick for drivers who expect their cars to be able to do more than just handle the pavement but the dirt, mud, rock, and snow as well. All-wheel drivetrain, unlike rear-wheel or front-wheel drivetrains, pump power to all four wheels, making for some pretty consistent handling across the board.

If you have more questions related to drivetrains, our Redwood City Acura parts center is the place to be. When you visit Hopkins Acura for servicing, maintenance or parts advice, our technical experts will not only fill you in on the details but ensure that all of your needs are met in full.