Acura is known for vehicles that push the envelope of what a driver should be able to expect from a luxury vehicle. At Hopkins Acura, our dealers have identified some of the key features in our new Acura cars for sale that ought to change the way that you drive.

Our Favorite New Acura Features

The 2020 model lineup for Acura is filled with jaw-dropping technology and features. One of the many that we’re fond of is the surround-view camera system found on many Acura models. Acura’s surround-view camera system gives you the chance to be fully aware of the road and the world around you. Whether in a parking lot or pulling out of your driveway, the surround-view camera system stitches together a comprehensive image that gives you peace of mind no matter where you are.

Another incredible feature found in many Acura models is the sprawling touch-activated infotainment screens. These displays are more than just a dazzling way to interact with your car’s stereo system, they also allow you to access your favorite applications on your smartphone through Apple CarPlay™. Apple CarPlay™ is a software feature that lets you respond to messages, adjust navigation directions, and play music with ease.

We are also big fans of the heated and cooled seats found in many Acura models. This feature allows you to ride in complete comfort no matter what the weather outside may be. Often outfitted with leather upholstery, Acura seating features bring your experience to the next level.

At Hopkins Acura, we’re home to a plethora of luxury cars that can all be equipped with these great features. When you visit our Acura dealership, we’ll be sure that you get to check out the magic of an Acura up close and personal.